Where’s the Best Beach


Live Camera Feed on Linda’s Chautauqua

Note there No Cars in front of any of Linda’s Homes but starting two doors south from The Chautauqua there are Cars on all St Augustine Beaches, including Butler and Crescent Beach.



SO HOWS THE BEACH? You need to do your research. There is a tremendous difference and only a few streets from the St Augustine Pier just north of 16th Street to 1st Lane just north of A Street that most would consider the “Best Section” of beach. Why? I have 6 reasons …


1. The SAND. The sand is like powder, not coarse ground up shells like Vilano Beach to the north. This is the white powder you are looking for. Great for drip castles. I would like to start a competition on my Facebook page. So please submit your entry!


2. The OCEAN is RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR STEP. There is no long raised boardwalk or extended sand dune like further south at Butler Beach along Atlantic View where you can have a 5 -10 minute walk across the Dunes and/or Catwalks to navigate with the cooler & chairs before you ever get to the water. There are some “Oceanfront” homes that are so “far from the water” because of the dunes that you can hardly “see” the waves. At our homes the Ocean, the sounds and the VIEW are just steps from your door.


3. There are NO CARS. This is a major distinction. Everywhere south of A Street all the way to the Fort Matanzas Beach access just south of 206 has “Cars on the Beach”. Imagine trying to sunbath or play paddle ball with cars continually passing by & having to be on constant “Baby Alert”. Be sure your home as a street name of 1 to 16 for No Cars.


4. The beach is WIDE and level with GREAT WAVES. You have to be careful here too. Some beaches to the north on Vilano beach are narrow & steep, even with rocks, and the slope of the beach affects the waves. They break right at the shore line so close in you can’t ride boogie boards. The locals consider my section of St Augustine Beach the BEST SURFING around. You will have loads of fun with the Boogie Boards we provide free of charge. And there is a Surf Shop, Pit Surf, at A Street where you can rent real surf boards and take lessons. You don’t have to worry. This is not the West Coast. Waves are not too big and not too small. They are “just right”. Pit also has Bikes, Kayaks and Paddle Boards for the adventurous.


5. WALKING DISTANCE to loads of Restaurants & Shops. This is a big advantage which you don’t appreciate till you are here. All the other beaches both North, Vilano, and South, Butler and Crescent, are so isolated you have to get in the car to get to anything. Not us. It is so nice to be able to walk to breakfast or send the kids out Ice Cream or Pizza. We have an amazing number of “wonderful” restaurants within walking distance. Our favorite Sunset Grill is a must. Even Live music at Cafe 11 sometimes but always great for Sunday Brunch. At the St Augustine Fishing Pier, the Kids will love the Splash Park and you can enjoy the Beach Volleyball courts. There is a Farmers Market every Wednesday and Free Live Music Concerts every Wednesday night in the Summer. How wonderful is that? Publix and Starbucks are only 1.5 mile away. There is a park to the north on Pope Street with Tennis or a YMCA for swimming or workout w/Daily or Weekly memberships if you are not a member at home. Just south is Miniature Golf which kids will love. And Royal St Augustine Golf for the Adults is close by on 16. World Golf and TPC/Sawgrass are about 30 minutes out.


6. Last but not least, only 5 Miles to HISTORIC DOWNTOWN – There is more to St Augustine than just the Beach. Our Downtown founded in 1565 is the oldest continuously occupied European Settlement in the US and one of the Top 6 Florida destinations according to US News & World Reports. You’ll feel like you are back in time. Strolling Old World Walking Streets. Romantic Lighting. Outdoor Music filling the air. There are scores of Historic Sights and fabulous Restaurants. See my LIST of THINGS TO DO or call. With both the Beach and the History, we are truly a “Must Do” for all ages.