We do not “Host” Weddings or Receptions at our Homes but would love to stay with us either Downtown or at the Beach.


At the BEACH we have 2 options either the Chautauaqua (7 Bedroom 5.5 Bath – Sleeps 21) at 2 1stLane with large Oceanfront yard or about 10 streets north at 2 9thStreet The Seaside Cottages (1 thru 4 ranging from 1 to 5 Bedrooms – Sleeps 35 if you rent them all). Sometimes the Bride’s Family and Friends take one Home or Group of Homes  and the Grooms the other. Close enough to get to know each other but “not too close”.


DOWNTOWN we have 2 options also – only 2 streets apart and an easy half mile walk to St George Street, the Center of the Historic District. The Palm View (3 Bedroom 2 Bath – Sleeps 9) and downstairs Secret Garden (1 Bedroom 1.5 Bath – Sleeps 5) for at total of 14 if you rent them both (See the Lemon Guesthouse) located at 67 Lemon and 2 streets South the Historic Lady (3 Bedroom 4 Bath – Sleeps 10) and the Romantic Getaway (1 Bedroom 1 Bath – Sleeps 4) for a total of 14 at 28 Riberia Street.


Below is a link to local Venues, Caterers, Planners, Photographers & Florists you may find helpful. Please let me know if you find someone you really love so I can make my own list to referrals. Press your Back Button to return to my